My name is Bulat. I am a hereditary dentist. By preserving and increasing greatly the family traditions of caring the patients, I am trying to give them what I would do to myself and my loved ones. I study professional literature in the original language. Every year I take new courses and strive to be on the progress cutting edge. My life credo is to live a full life and spread cheer, wisely and good will…


2003-2008 faculty of dentistry BGMU; 2008-2009 internship in Saint Petersburg Medical university; 2009-2011 residency in Saint Petersburg medical university; 2011-2013 aspirant on Department of prosthodontics SPbMAPO 2013 Postgraduate study at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry, St. Petersburg Medical Academy Further education courses: Bulat studied many courses of modern dentistry such authors like G.Gürel, E.Rompen, B. Touati, M.Fradeani. Participation in events: Member of dental symposia and exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Ufa on the treatment of ICE. Takes an annual part in international symposia Nobel Biocare, Dentium. Also he completed a probationary appointment in South Korea. — Total work experience over 10 years